• Princesa Amandine aimed to create a Pop-Up Store to support its potato consumption. This project took place in June for a week at Mercado de la Paz in Madrid and was part of the retail expansion strategy into new independent establishments complementing the 14 supermarket chains where potatoes Princesa Aamdine are available.


  • As the main activity to animate the Pop Up, the communicator and creator of digital content specializing in gastronomy, Cristina Ferrer, held several showcookings. For four days, Cristina prepared different recipes using the fifth range potatoes and the microwaves products. Each day a different recipe was made, cooked on the spot and prepared in front of the guests who attended the meals. In addition, Cristina posted on her Instagram different content in stories to publicize the Pop Up.
  • As part of the activities carried out, buyers from large retail chains, as well as journalists from the B2B and B2C press and influencers were invited to attend a lunch with the aim of giving visibility to the Pop Up and, in addition, to taste the fifth range and microwave potatoes.
  • The information concerning market research on potatoes has been distributed to the media.


  • The Pop-Up attendees were delighted with the animation of Cristina Ferrer who not only prepared exquisite dishes, but also brought visibility and recognition of the potato in their social media.
  • Several influencers have given visibility to the Princesa Amandine brand by creating recipes and uploading them to Instagram with the microwave potato as the protagonist.

The distribution of the press release obtained very good results with some very interesting publications in the media, such as those published in Alimarket or Distribución Actualidad.