Find out how the famous decoration firm opened successfully its first store in Spain as part of its ongoing international deployment

Corporate events are on the rise. They allow companies to gain awareness in their industry, empowers their brand, promotes their growth internally, or get the attention of their potential target.

These events are an essential part of business strategy, so Centrakor wanted to open its first store in Spain with an event for the media and influential people of the area.

If you find yourself in this same situation – or you are simply evaluating the chance of a corporate event – we invite you to read below about this action and how we carried it out.


Centrakor is the leading network of independent stores for affordable home equipment and decoration items in France. After more than 20 years in the market and 468 stores (432 in France and 6 in Belgium), the company is expanding its international network with store openings expected in Spain, Luxemburg, and Switzerland. In Spain, it launched its first own store in Alfafar (Valencia) on the first quarter of 2023.


This first point of sale for the company in Spain highlights the current concept at Centrakor: a roomy store, contemporary, colourful, tidy, properly marked, and pleasant, with a growing offering of quality, affordable products.

The strategy implemented to spotlight the Centrakor space in its opening consisted of two events: one in the morning and one in the evening.

In the morning, 20 specialized journalists were invited from decoration press, general press, as well as regional, economic, gardening, and foreign media.

During the evening event, more than 120 people attended the inauguration. The mayor of Alfafar, the municipality where the first Centrakor store in Spain is located, gave us the honor of attending the event. Also, influential people from the area, as well as decoration influencers located in Valencia attended the event too. Guests were free to explore the store and enjoyed a private sale.

In order to increase the awareness of Centrakor in the national media, a press release about the opening was distributed one month before and an additional press release was distributed after the event. A special budget was also aimed for advertising on press, radio, and urban furniture. A series of actions were also taken to implement a digital marketing campaign on social media, websites, and other digital media.


  • 79 press reviews in total – equal to €53,550 in advertising value.
  • 15 media attended the press event.
  • +120 guests attended the opening event, including local decision makers and influencers.
  • Olivier Rondolotto, CEO of Centrakor, stated: “this opening has been a great step forward for the Centrakor concept which, after France, is approaching other countries, like Spain”. “We had no hesitation to choose Spain – and Valencia specifically – as our first location outside a French speaking country, and as part of our international deployment, due to the momentum of its manufacturing and tourist sectors”.