INTRO IBÉRICA carries out the tasks of a press office, always in contact with the clients’ marketing departments, in order to convey the corporate image to the highest number of audiences by means of:

  • Customized communication plans
  • Press releases – writing and delivery
  • Corporate dossiers
  • Interviews, reports and bylined articles
  • Product test management
  • Success stories based on client testimonials
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Press trips
  • Translations
  • Showroom


We cover all the steps to organize an event. The events are key in conveying the corporate image. Creativity, planning and rigor are fundamental to ensure success. Our tasks include:

  • Budget management
  • Event location search
  • Space design and decoration
  • Associated services: catering, hostesses, A/V, gifts, etc.
  • Invitations and confirmation of attendance
  • Ambassadors and celebrities management
  • Information packages
  • Event attendance and support


We believe that the digital world offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for companies to achieve their intended positioning. We perform different actions to improve the brand image and provide the awareness that the company needs in online platforms. We analyse the online reputation for each brand and establish the most suitable strategy for each one.

  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Social Media
  • SEO-SEM positioning
  • Digital context analysis
  • Digital reputation management
  • Blogging


We take into consideration key points for generating engaging Content Marketing, such as: added value for the users, quality content development, useful information generated for our client’s target audience, selection of the most suitable channels to reach to the target audience, design and full customization for each client, and reciprocity among users.
Examples of some of the methods we use:

que hacemos digital
  • Computer graphic design
  • Blog post writing
  • Storytelling
  • Video creation
  • E-books
  • Newsletters
  • Illustrations