Organizing a cooking workshop to present the Princesa Amandine potatoe brand


  • Princesa Amandine gathered a group of food journalists and influencers to present the Princesa Amandine potato brand to the Spanish market.


  • The main action consisted of organizing a Cooking Workshop at the “El Gusto Es Nuestro” cooking school. The workshop was led by chef Fabián León, the finalist in the 1st edition of MasterChef, together with 2 chefs from the school who helped participants to prepare the recipe.
  • They prepared 6 recipes, and every participant was involved in every step of the cooking process.
  • At the end of the workshop, a meal was served, featuring the dishes prepared by participants.


  • Strong turnout and involvement among attendees in preparing each of the dishes. A fun and entertaining way for participants to get to know the product and learn different ways to cook it, with help from expert chefs.
  • Increased interest in the brand on behalf of the media and influencers translated into greater visibility on social networks and in the press.