LoxamHune zero carbon footprint campaign


  • To position LoxamHune as the first company in the machinery rental sector to have estimated its carbon footprint and put a plan in place to reduce and eliminate it.
  • To leverage this remarkable initiative to appeal to the usual media specialized in machinery as well as financial, environmental, and human resources publications.


  • Preparing a Zero Carbon Footprint communications plan with various PR and digital marketing activities to publicize this initiative in the media and on social networks.
  • Preparing two press releases, the first announcing the audit/estimate that the consulting firm, Omawa, had carried out of the company’s carbon footprint and, the second, informing about AENOR’s recognition of the zero carbon footprint. Prior agreement with Europa Press to distribute this PR to mainstream/financial media.
  • 2 interviews were conducted by leading machinery sector media outlets, Interempresas Obra Pública and Movicarga, with LoxamHune’s CEO about the company’s carbon footprint reduction plan.


  • 35 articles retrieved from machinery, environmental, and human resources press.
  • Ample coverage in the mainstream/financial and regional press. 14 articles published.
  • 2 interviews with the company’s CEO with ample coverage (7 pages in all) published in the sector’s leading print magazines.