The eCab platform lands in the Spanish market

Agreement with Tele Taxi boosts the digital transformation of the sector.


  • Introducing the eCab international platform in Spain. This start-up offers technology tools and support to taxi companies in their digital transformation, after digitalizing this world with an application developed to call for a taxi live and in advance.
  • The purpose was also report the agreement with the company Tele Taxi, a relevant taxi organization in Madrid (Federación Profesional del Taxi de Madrid, FPTM), and the world’s most modern fleet management platform.
  • In Madrid, eCab and Tele Taxi were willing to state that, after their agreement, they were able to offer a “smart” mobile solution by integrating their respective services, and by adapting themselves to the requirements of a market that is rapidly expanding towards digital.


  • Organizing a press conference – press lunch with eCab and Tele Taxi managers. The company was introduced: its global presence and growth strategy, plans for the Spanish market, features and reasons for the eCab – Tele Taxi agreement, along with its vision about the taxi market and its evolution in Europe.


  • The meeting gathered many economy, technology, general media, press agencies, and specialized media in the taxi sector, interested in the establishment of eCab in Spain and its alliance with Tele Taxi.
  • Big impact, both quantitative – more than 80 articles published – and qualitative, according to the length devoted by the media. The goal of disclosing eCab, its presence in Spain, ant its agreement with Tele Taxi, was achieved by far.